Food Policy Initiatives

Growing Power is actively involved in the following food policy initiatives:


The Chicago Food Policy Council:

The Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council (CFPAC) facilitates the development of responsible policies that improve access for Chicago residents to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound, and affordable food that is grown through environmentally sustainable practices.  The CFPAC is a network of organizations and individuals sharing their experiences and concerns about food security in the Chicago region in order to influence policy makers to make informed decisions motivated by the goals of community food security.  Erika Allen, our Chicago Projects Manager, is co-chair of the council and Growing Power staff provides technical support.


Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative:

The Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative (GFJI) is an initiative aimed at dismantling racism and empowering low-income and communities of color through sustainable and local agriculture.  This comprehensive network views dismantling racism as a core principal which brings together social change agents from diverse sectors working to bring about new, healthy and sustainable food systems and supporting and building multicultural leadership in impoverished communities throughout the world.  The vision of the GFJI is to establish a powerful network of individuals, organizations and community based entities all working toward a food secure and just world.  Growing Power serves as the fiscal agent for this initiative and our staff volunteer on several GFJI committees.


Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force:

The Illinois Food, Farm and Jobs Act of 2007 established the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force.  The Task Force was given the duty of developing a plan containing policy and funding recommendations for expanding and supporting a State local and organic food system and for assessing and overcoming obstacles to an increase in locally grown food and local organic food production. The Task Force will be working towards the preparation of a report which will be submitted to the General Assembly by September 30, 2008.  Erika Allen, our Chicago Projects Manager, was appointed by the Governor as a task force member.



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