Growing Food and Justice For All

History and Scope of the Growing Food and Justice Initiative

The organizing of the GFJI reflects the need for innovative and genuine leadership in the development of a sustainable, community-based food systems movement.  The founding members of the initiative are the practitioners of sustainable food systems work: mainly farmers, marketers and other workers who are building new, local systems.  Some are familiar with coalition and advocacy work at the national and international levels, while others are new to large-scale initiatives. This initiative strives to outreach to other parallel social justice movements and build solidarity and multidisciplinary support, in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of building “Beloved Community”.

Our Vision -   The vision for this initiative is to establish a powerful network of individuals, organizations and community based entities all working toward a food secure and just world.


  • Every neighborhood in low-income communities and communities of color has full access to fresh, healthy, local, affordable, culturally appropriate food every day through a variety of retail channels ranging from farmer’s markets to locally-owned small corner stores and supermarkets.

  • In every neighborhood in low-income communities and communities of color the residents of the neighborhood own and operate the small businesses that produce, distribute and sell the fresh, healthy food consumed in the neighborhood.

  • Through ownership and operation of the local food system, every neighborhood in low-income communities and communities of color provides opportunity for its children to develop business skills and leadership capacity offering hope that each child, every family and the community itself can achieve its self-determined destiny.

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Membership Benefits:
  • A diverse forum to explore dismantling racism in the food system
  • A safe space for discussion and decision making
  • Networking and peer support, building relationships
  • Monthly Community Call participation
  • Listserv and GFJI subscription newsletter
  • Discount participation at annual Gathering
  • 50% discount on ILFT (Intensive Leadership Facilitator Training) including: Dismantling Racism training, Training of Trainers, Leadership training
  • Information and research on other food system and social justice work
  • Recruitment and outreach to organizations and individuals
  • Participation in Committees, LEG's (Local Empowerment Groups) and/or projects
  • Maintaining annual dues
  • Ongoing participation in Dismantling Racism training and ILFT
To become a GFJI member, cost is $10:
For more on GFJI Membership and Local Empowerment Groups, CLICK HERE

List of committees

  • Fundraising:  Listing potential sources of funds, planning which funders to approach, grant writing, etc.

  • Membership/Partnership/Outreach:  Developing a membership/partnership policy, setting fees for membership, making sure that our efforts can reach all people interested in dismantling racism (and other related "isms") in a sustainable and socially just food system, etc.

  • Communications:  Develop website, do surveys, work closely with other committees (particularly Education) to have relevant and up-to-date materials available for the purpose of dismantling racism in a sustainable and socially just food system, etc.

  • Conference/dismantling racism/training of trainers (TOT):  Developing conference scenario and logistics, developing dismantling racism trainings at all levels, developing a training of trainers program so that the initiative has well qualified trainers in all geographical areas that might require them, etc.

  • Education:  Developing and making easily accessible any material that relates to the mission and vision of the initiative, working closely with the Communications committee, etc.

Intensive Leadership Facilitation Training (ILFT)

Upcoming ILFT Dismantling Racism Workshop: April  10, 2014
WHERE: Growing Power Chicago, Iron St. Farm, 3333 S. Iron St., Chicago, IL

For more details on the workshop and how to buy tickets: CLICK HERE

Designed to build a community of leaders and provide intensive training and dialogue for participants to facilitate anti-racist food justice trainings in their own regions/communities. We use the title Facilitator instead of Organizer very intentionally, and will discuss the long term development process that anti-racism work requires as well as the need for leadership development and empowerment.

We hope empowered individuals will return to their home community of practice and facilitate and create spaces to connect and develop a supportive local and national/international community to exchange ideas, strategies and continue training in anti-racism to specifically address how achieving food justice can lead to the end of systemic and institutional racism.

Participants will experience: a series of farming activities that explore how to build a just food system, identify barriers to achieving justice and equity, historical challenges and community building at Growing Power’s Iron St. Facility. This will be followed with a day of two tracks to process the experience and delve into dialogues and interpersonal learning of anti-racism principles and strategies, concluding with an introduction and invitation to begin a chapter or local empowerment group (LEG).

We will explore:

(1) Examples of institutional and structural racism and how it operates, also how to address, challenge and change it!

(2) Practical applications of facilitating change and becoming a change agent, including some personal identification to understand the kind of facilitator you are.

(3) Opportunity to explore individual role in the anti-racism process of your work with the opportunity to strategize with others to develop an action plan for next steps that can be put into motion upon your return to home.

****** Please come prepared to get your hands dirty! Leave your dress shoes at home and wear your comfortable, farmer duds. We will be working outside and in our conference/office area. Feel free to bring a pair of indoor shoes, to change into after being outside.


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The Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative (GFJI) is hosted by Growing Power, Inc.

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